Blue Devil Brigade

Jacob Thompson: Band Director

Blue Devil Brigade

2023-2024 Season Leaders

Instructional Positions

Drum Majors- Head- Israel Merriweather and Assistant- Nyhum Johnson

Band Captain- Karely Gonzalez

WW Captain- Maggie Santillan

Brass Captain- Abe Culbreath

Auxiliary Captains- Elena Nunez and McKenzie Wright

Section Leaders

Flute- Tiffany Baird and Katie Min

Clarinet- Geormya Wynn and Ashlyn Gordon

Saxophones- Cristobal Cuellar and Alayna Garren

Trumpet/Mello- Jonathan Liu

Low Brass- Ben Newberry and Donte Richardson

Percussion (Battery)- Aniya Moore and Norah Dean

Front Ensemble- Rileigh Stringfield

Non Instructional Positions

Uniform Officer- Kirsten Roberts, Andrenique Hall (2 more helpers needed)

Librarian/Secretary- Alayna Garren and Captains will assist

Chaplain- Deegan Kellahan and Tyler Harrell

Loading Crew Captain- James Homer

Color Guard

Practicing Formations