Alma Mater, Fight Song, Blue Devil Way

Tift County High School
Alma Mater

On the City’s Eastern Border,

Reared Against the Sky,

Proudly Stands Our Alma Mater,

As the Years Go By.

Forward Ever Be Our Watchword,

Conquer and Prevail,

Here’s to Thee Our Alma Mater,

         Tift County High All Hail.

Tift County High School
Fight Song

Fight! Fight! Blue Devils,

Fight for Tift in the Blue and White.

March on Through,

There’s a Touchdown There for You.

Go Get’em!

Tift is Out to Win Tonight

There’s a Victory in Sight.

So Turn on the Steam, Team

Fight! Blue Devils Fight!

Tift County High School
Blue Devil Way

We Have a Ball Game Today

And We’re Ready to Play

We Go Hard Ev’ry Day

That’s the Blue Devil Way


We’re Blue Devils and We Don’t Quit

Blue and White Is Legit

And We Mean What We Say

That’s the Blue Devil Way