Meeting Minutes

Current Minutes


Unofficial Meeting Minutes                                                

School Governance Team


2/18/2020 4:00 PM

Tift County High School Conference Room A


Attendees—voting members

Denise Barnes - Teacher Member

Jeffry Peters - Parent Member

Jerry Riggs - Classified Staff Member

Xavier Holmes - Teacher Member

Wingate Whitley - Parent Member

Amanda Barber - Community Business Member


Call Meeting to Order (Kim Seigler)


Approval of the Agenda


- Motion made by Jerry Riggs to amend the agenda to move Mr. Hathaway to the beginning of the agenda.
- Second made by: Xavier Holmes
- Voting: Unanimously approved


Approval of Unofficial minutes from January 21, 2020 meeting
- Motion made by: Jerry Riggs
- Second made by: Denise Barnes
- Voting: Unanimously approved


New Business


Process of Selecting a New Principal (Mr. Hathaway)
- Hathaway asked the LSGT for their input on the new principal for TCHS. He asked for desired traits or characteristics that they felt would be needed in the new principal.
- Some of the traits and characteristics suggested by the team were someone with energy (willing to put in the work), organized, someone the students could identify with, someone that is an advocate for the staff, and a strong disciplinarian.
- Hathaway informed the LSGT that he would like them to be a part of the interview process for the new principal for TCHS. He asked that they help Mr. Dobard with the second phase of interviews. He will be contacting the members when interview dates are being set.


PBIS Data Presentation
- Sara Jenkins with the TCHS PBIS Team presented updated discipline data.
- Jenkins said ninth grade students make up approximately 50% of referrals. She stated that 9th grade African American girls are disproportionately represented in the recent data.
- Seigler believes many of the instances that result in these behavior issues result from social media interaction between groups of girls the night before.
- Jenkins and Mrs. Seigler informed the team that many of the students that are repeat discipline offenders are not plugged into extracurricular activities at the school.
- Barber suggested a community mentor program.


Approval of Fundraisers
- The team reviewed the suggested fundraiser.
- The TCHS PBIS Team would like to sponsor a student and faculty basketball game in March 2020. The cost per student is $5; they may use their devil dollars for $4 of the $5. The anticipated revenue is expected to be $300. Revenue from the sale of tickets will be used for PBIS rewards.
- Motion to approve made by: Wingate Whitley
- Second made by: Xavier Holmes
- Voting: Unanimously approved


The TCHS FFA Alumni parents would like to sell tickets for smoked meats (turkeys and Boston butts) April 9th and 10th at the Tift Co. Canning Plant. The funds raised will be used for plaques for the FFA Banquet. The anticipated revenue is $1000.
- Motion to approve made by: Wingate Whitley
- Second made by: Xavier Holmes
- Voting: Unanimously approved


Update on School Branding
- The Georgia Print Company won the bid for TCHS school branding. This is the same company that won the previous bid. Therefore, most of the graphics and signs have been approved and installation can begin as soon as Mrs. Seigler meets with the representatives from Herff Jones and GPC to finalize a plan. She expects installation to start during the week of Spring Break, April 6th -10th.


Discussion of School Safety Concerns
- Members of the LSGT continued the discussion regarding the concerns Superintendent Adam Hathaway presented at a meeting at Tift County Schools’ central office in November. At the meeting, Mr. Hathaway asked the LSGTs to discuss the topics in their upcoming meetings.
- At the November meeting, it was suggested that all students be breathalyzed before entering the dance. Mr. Whitley suggested using a sensor that detects the presence of alcohol to check the students as they enter the dance. At January’s meeting, all present members expressed that it was their opinion that they would be fine with officers or administrators using a tools to check for the presence of alcohol as students enter the dance. It was suggested that students, when buying their tickets, sign an agreement acknowledging they may be tested upon entry.
- Seigler drafted a letter to Mr. Hathaway. As of today’s meeting, she had not received a formal response from Mr. Hathaway.


- Motion by: Jerry Riggs
- Second by: Denise Barnes
- Voting: Unanimously approved