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Meeting Minutes

Current Minutes


Unofficial Meeting Minutes                                                

School Governance Team


1/21/2020 4:00 PM

Tift County High School Conference Room A


Attendees—voting members

Denise Barnes -Teacher Member

Jeffry Peters - Parent Member

Jerry Riggs - Classified Staff Member

Xavier Holmes - Teacher Member

Wingate Whitley - Parent Member

Rocio Cardenas - Community Business Member


Call Meeting to Order (Kim Seigler)


Approval of the Agenda


Motion made by: Wingate Whitley
Second made by: Xavier Holmes
Voting: Unanimously approved


Approval of Unofficial minutes from November 19, 2019 meeting
Motion made by: Jerry Riggs
Second made by: Rocio Cardenas
Voting: Unanimously approved


New Business


A. PBIS Data Presentation
  • Julie Rucker provided information from the PBIS team. She informed the LSGT that they are working to take PBIS at TCHS to the next level. PBIS at TCHS has been operating at the tier one level since its implementation at TCHS. They want to take the school to the tier two level.
  • Rucker stated that the team is beginning to identify students who are behaviorally and academically at-risk. She referred to them as “high flyer.” They will begin their focus on the top twenty ninth grade (freshman) “high flyers” and work toward interventions to improve their academic performance in the hopes that they will improve behaviorally. They are hoping to start identifying these students coming out of middle school so that interventions can begin as soon as they enter TCHS.
  • Rucker presented updated discipline data as well. In the month of December, the three highest areas for office referral were tardy (32%), skipping (25.7%) and defiance (11%). She added that teachers have done a good job on tardies and IDs. This has caused a reduction in these referrals.


B. Approval of Fundraisers
The team reviewed the suggested fundraisers.
  • The TCHS Key Club would like to sell candy grams and flowers for delivery on February 13th. They will sell from Feb. 5th – 13th during lunch. The anticipated revenue is expected to be $200. Revenue from the sale will cover the cost of member attendance to district conventions as well as service projects.
Motion to approve made by: Xavier Holmes
Second made by: Jerry Riggs
Voting: Unanimously approved


  • The TCHS GA-051 JROTC would like to raise funds to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The CF Campaign will run from 1/21/20 through 2/14/20. The anticipated revenue is $400.
Motion to approve made by: Wingate Whitley
Second made by: Jerry Riggs
Voting: Unanimously approved


  • The TCHS FBLA Club would like to sell tickets for a Rib/Boston Butt fundraiser for pick up on February 15th . All revenue will be used to fund FBLA state/national completion fees, hotel costs, and clothing or personal supplies as needed.
Motion to approve made by: Denise Barnes
Second made by: Jerry Riggs
Voting: Unanimously approved


C. Update on School Branding
  • The televisions are up and operational around the school. They are being used to disseminate school information.
  • Seigler informed the team that branding did not go forward during the Christmas break. After receiving the final quote from the company, Mrs. Seigler met with Mr. Judy and Mr. Hathaway. When Mr. Judy broke the quote down by square foot it he concluded that it was more costly than originally quoted. Together they concluded that the quote seemed too high. They decide it would be best to do another Request for Proposal (RFP). The RFP would include specifics about what TCHS is looking for in regard to branding.
  • Seigler recommended that the team allot additional funds from the budget to have a total of $95,000 for branding. She feels this will be a sufficient amount to adequately fund the branding of TCHS.
Motion to amend the budget made by: Jerry Riggs
Second made by: Rocio Cardenas
Voting: Unanimously approved


D. Discussion of School Safety Concerns
  • Members of the LSGT continued the discussion regarding the concerns Superintendent Adam Hathaway presented at a meeting at Tift County Schools’ central office in November. At the meeting, Mr. Hathaway asked the LSGTs to discuss the topics in their upcoming meetings.
  • Concerns included underage drinking during school functions and events. He mentioned homecoming and prom specifically. He was also concerned with the amount of underage drinking in our community and the perceived acceptance from the community.
  • In December’s meeting, the topic of restricting party buses at Homecoming and Prom was proposed. Today, the LSGT felt this would be more of a safety issue. They felt that this would not deter alcohol consumption and may leave students attempting to drive while intoxicated. All members concluded that the use of “party buses” is a safer option and would not like to restrict them at these functions.
  • At the December meeting, it was suggested that all students be breathalyzed before entering the dance. Mr. Whitley suggested using a sensor that detects the presence of alcohol to check the students as they enter the dance. Today, all present members expressed that it was their opinion that they would be fine with officers or administrators using a tool to check for the presence of alcohol as students enter the dance. It was suggested that students, when buying their tickets, sign an agreement acknowledging they may be tested upon entry.
  • Seigler will take the suggestion and thoughts of the team and discuss them with Mr. Hathaway.


Motion by: Jeffry Peters
Second by: Wingate Whitley
Voting: Unanimously approved