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Meeting Minutes

Current Minutes


Unofficial Meeting Minutes                                                

School Governance Team


4/24/2018 4:00 PM

Tift County High School Conference Room


Attendees—voting members

Denise Barnes - Teacher Member

Anthony Bateman - Classified Staff Member

Terrilee Pittman - Parent Member

Randy Sellars - Teacher Member



Call Meeting to Order (Kim Seigler)


Approval of Agenda

Motion made by: Denise Barnes

Second made by: Anthony Bateman

Voting: Unanimously approved


Approval of Unofficial Minutes from March 27, 2018 Meeting

Motion made by: Anthony Bateman

Second made by: Randy Sellars

Voting: Unanimously approved


New Business
      Fundraiser approval—none to approve
     Textbook adoption discussion—Dr. Chanon Collins

               New textbooks will be adopted in Social Studies, Foreign Language, Health, and Science

               Vendors and textbooks were chosen based off of a rubric from Dr. Flanders and Central Office

               Most departments have chosen to use an online textbook for use with student Chromebooks

               Language Arts is replacing textbooks but not adopting new texts
      2018-2019 Daily Schedule

               The daily schedule has been modified since the last meeting. There will be no block days built into the schedule.

               Extended Learning Time is built in to the schedule daily, allowing for club meetings during the day.

               AM/PM Bell schedules will be determined at a later date in the summer 
     2017-2018 LSGT Goals Update

               Daily Schedule is complete

               Registration is complete, with the master schedule being put together beginning this week. Changes could occur based on
                       results of summer school.
               Curriculum revisions have been made, with departments meeting for a week each during the summer to finalize changes
               TCHS Ambassadors have begun training, with more dates planned in the fall. The total number of students is up to 34.
               Professional Learning Communities have met at least one time per week and will continue to do so next school year, based
                        on the revisions of the daily schedule
               Extended learning time will continue to occur on a daily basis, based on revisions of the daily schedule



Motion made by: Anthony Bateman


Second made by: Denise Barnes


Voting: Unanimously approved