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Optional Insurance coverage for Chromebooks - Time Sensitive

Time Sensitive Information – Important Deadline

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Tift County School System has arranged for additional optional insurance for the student Chromebooks through the vendor, Worth Ave Group. This policy covers theft, vandalism, fire, flood, and natural disaster. Claims of this nature are not covered by the current accident policy that Tift County Schools has in place for all Chromebooks.  

Just as a reminder, the accident policy stated in the Chromebook Procedures, Policy, and Information Packet signed by parent and student is below.

All Chromebooks come with a certain level of accident insurance. The accident insurance will cover such damage as cracked screens, missing keys, internal damage, power surge, and warranty work.   For the accident insurance to apply, the incident must be deemed an accident.

If the incident is not deemed an accident and questions arise, the principal will confer with the involved parties to make the final decision. Incidents not deemed as accidental will require complete payment of the device which is $300 or the cost for the repairs to the device. Some repairs that are NOT covered are:

                - theft, burglary, or robbery of Chromebook
                - accidental loss of Chromebook
                - intentional loss or damage to the Chromebook due to negligence
                - illegal use or fraud of the Chromebooks
                - dishonest acts including selling the Chromebook
                - damage, corrosion, or rust due to liquids or foods coming in contact with the
                - damage due to changes in humidity or temperature
                - insect or animal damage
                - any other use the school system deems inappropriate

The school will pay the insurance deductible for the first 2 incidents during the duration of all years the student is enrolled at TCHS. However, after the second incident, students will be charged a deductible fee according to the following scale.

                                1st incident - no fee
                2nd incident - no fee
                3rd incident - $25
                4th incident - $50
                5th incident - $75
                6th incident - $100
                7th incident - $300 - complete cost of device

The Worth Ave Group policy is $10 per year and covers $350 for the Chromebook. There is no deductible. The policy and payment is done through the company and NOT Tift County Schools. The website is https://www.worthavegroup.com/gpo/tiftschools. The policy window is only open until November 23, 2017. If you wish to purchase this coverage, you must sign up with the Worth Ave Group by this date.

There is no obligation to purchase this insurance policy. Tift County School System receives no benefit or financial gain from this policy.

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