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AP Lit classes find a Creative Way to work with Vocabulary

In an attempt to address the dearth of our students' vocabulary, and avoid the painful gorge and vomit process of traditional vocabulary quizzes, I am trying a new approach - a focus on the root of words. Using Latin and Greek roots as guides (i.e. brev - to shorten) students were asked to search for words with these particular roots as the foundation for the meaning of the word. This week students brought in words with the assigned roots. For example, the word "brevicollis" which means an unusual shortening of the neck to illustrate the meaning of the root "brev." Some words came easily - abbreviate - while others were more demanding - brevicaudate (a shortened tail). It is my belief that once the students master the meaning of the root, they will be able to interpret and understand the meaning of complex words based on the root and the context clues. Please remember that this is an experiment (points for cross-curricular activities =)!), and while I have a hypothesis of what I hope to happen, I have no actual evidence that this works. I am looking forward to the first assessment tomorrow!

Source of inspiration - Rasinski, T. et.al. Greek & Latin Roots Keys to Building Vocabulary. Shell Education. California. 2013.