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Meeting Minutes

Current Minutes

Unofficial Meeting Minutes
School Governance Team

11/28/2017 4:00 PM

Tift County High School Conference Room


Attendees—voting members

Denise Barnes - Teacher Member

Anthony Bateman - Classified Staff Member

Rocio Cardenas - Community Business member

Jadonna Johnson - Community Business member

Amy Johnson - Parent Member

Randy Sellars - Teacher Member

Terrilee Pittman - Parent Member



Call Meeting to Order (Kim Seigler)


Approval of the Agenda


Motion made by: Anthony Bateman

Second made by: Randy Sellars

Voting: Unanimously approved



Approval of Unofficial minutes from October 24, 2017 meeting

Motion made by: Anthony Bateman

Second made by: Randy Sellars

                      Voting: Unanimously approved



 New Business


Review of 2017 CCRPI

Mrs. Seigler handed out the newest CCRPI report and we discussed all areas. 


     Review of updated School Improvement Plan

Mrs. Seigler handed out the SIP for 2017-18. Committee is to review and add any questions to future agendas for discussion


     School uniforms


Committee discussed uniforms for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.  Decision was made to proceed with process of surveying students, teachers and parents.

                                    Motion to survey parents made by: Randy Sellars

                                    Second made by: Jadonna Johnson

                                    Unanimously approved

      Budget addition


Mrs. Seigler asked for monies to be spent on a Behavior Intervention workshop for teachers during preplanning. Committee discussed and decided workshop would be worthwhile.

      Motion made by: Amy Johnson

      Second by: Denise Barnes

      Unanimously approved


Progress of Ambassador/Freshman mentoring program


Mrs. Seigler gave an update of program. 15 students originally signed up, need 60 for program to run smoothly.  Program may be opened up for interested sophomores to participate as Ambassadors.



Discussion of LSGT monies allocated once approved


Mrs. Seigler stated that monies approved for LSGT budget follow same procedures as fundraiser monies. Once monies are approved and added to the budget, requests are sent to Mr. Guess at Central office.  Then a purchase order is requested and checks are sent back to school.





Several fundraisers by clubs were approved as a collective group.


Motion by: Terrilee Pittman

     Second by: Jadonna Johnson

     Unanimously approved




Motion by: Terrilee Pittman

Second by: Denise Barnes

Unanimously approved