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US History with Floyd, Joiner, Barnes and Sylvester

How do I contact Mr. Gannaway, Mr. Floyd, Dr. Joiner, Mrs. Sylvester?
      bgannaway@tiftschools.com       bfloyd@tiftschools.com     mjoiner@tiftschools.com
How do I log onto quizlet?
       2016 click on file below "Quizlet DIRECTIONS" or http://quizlet.com/subject/gannawayb/
       2017 click on file below "Quizlet DIRECTIONS" or http://quizlet.com/subject/GANNAWAYTCHS/
How do I find the Highlighted Teacher Notes?
click on the standard you need
See below
1st 9 Weeks
Unit 1          Unit 2            Unit 3               Unit 4               Unit 5            9 Weeks Exam             
Std 1,2       Std 3,4,5        Std 6,7,8        Std 9,10,11       Std12,13,14a      Std 1 -14 all    
2nd 9 Weeks    
Unit 6                           Unit 7                          Unit 8                              Unit 9                                
Std 14, 15,16           Std 17,18,19        Std 20a,b,e ,21a,d           Std 22,23b,d 24a                
  Unit 10                                                      Unit 11 
 Std 20c,d ,21b, 23a,c,d, 24c                  Std 24 b,d,e,  25
How do I study for a test or quiz?
  (1) Read Teacher Notes and study highlighted material
  (2) study review guides for quizzes, unit tests, and 9 weeks/final exams
  (3) study classroom notes, graphic organizers, worksheets, writing assignments
How do I write quiz questions? See the document added under ATTACHED FILES AND PICTURES
How do I find out what standards are in a Unit and Key Terms? (Under construction)