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Testing/Exam Dates

The PSAT will be given at TCHS on Wednesday, October 19th.  All sophomores who are in the 10th grade for the first time this year will take the PSAT free of charge, but they must sign-up in the guidance office if they are interested. Not all Sophomores will be required to take the PSAT.  Juniors who desire to take the PSAT to compete for National Merit and National Achievement Scholarships must pay $15.00 to take the PSAT and also sign-up in the guidance office. Deadline to register for the PSAT is Friday, September 24th

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Tift County High School 2016-2017 Testing Calendar


Fall Semester


August 17                                  Georgia Milestones Mid-month/Retest Administration      

August 18                                  Georgia Milestones Mid-month/Retest Administration Make-Up

September 21                           Georgia Milestones Mid-month/Retest Administration

September 22                           Georgia Milestones Mid-month/Retest Administration Make-Up

October 4                                  1st Nine Weeks’ Exam- Blocks 1 and 3

October 5                                  1st Nine Weeks’ Exam- Blocks 2 and 4

October 12                                Georgia Milestones Mid-month/Retest Administration

October 13                                Georgia Milestones Mid-month/Retest Administration Make-Up

October 19                                PSAT

November 17                             Georgia Milestones Mid-month/Retest Administration

November 18                             Georgia Milestones Mid-month/Retest Administration Make-Up

November 28-January 6                       Georgia Milestones (EOC) State Administration Window

November 30-December 13                 Georgia Milestones (EOC) Local Administration Window

November 30-December 2                    EOC Exam:

                                                                                                                             Ninth Grade Literature

                                                                                                                             American Literature

December 5-6                                        EOC Exam:

                                                                                                                             Algebra I


December 7-8                                        EOC Exam:

                                                                                                                             United States History


December 9                                           EOC Exam:

                                                                                                                             Make-Up Exams

December 12-13                                    EOC Exam:

                                                                                                                             Physical Science


December 15                             First Semester Exams- Blocks 1 and 3

December 16                             First Semester Exams- Blocks 2 and 4